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  • Challenge of January 2012 re Needs for Next Gen NOC and End User tools
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Greetings Measurement Enthusiasts:

The next performance WG meeting is scheduled for Jan. 23, 2012  at Joint Techs in Baton Rouge, LA . We are working on finalizing the agenda for the meeting and wanted to extend the invitation to anyone that has work to share to consider submitting a topic for the agenda. We are interested in hearing about any performance or measurement related work you are doing.

On a related note, at our last meeting in October, Jeff Boote presented some thoughts related to a performance service that Internet2 is exploring. He started with a self evaluation of perfSONAR and suggests that the tools still require experts and it may be time to adjust the strategy. He presented some strawman ideas including a predictive weathermap and a performance portal. However, Internet2 is trying to determine what this community needs.

What do the next generation of NOC tools and/or End User tools look like?  What tools/services are missing?

I am issuing a challenge to you all. We want to hear community answers to these questions. This working group is where your voice can be heard. You are encouraged to prepare some thoughts for the meeting. We have room on the agenda. And,  if you can't attend the meeting in person but have something to share, please respond back to myself or Jeff with your thoughts. With your permission, we will share it with the group on your behalf.

In closing, I wanted to thank Chris Hawkinson from CENIC for his service to the community as a fellow co-chair of this working group. Chris is no longer able to serve as a co-chair. Thanks, Chris!

I look forward to seeing everyone in Baton Rouge.

Carla Hunt, MCNC

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