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  • Dev 2011-10-14
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Fri 14 Oct 2011
1pm ET/12n CT/10a PT
734.615.7474 0123522#


  1. Review of caching and external attribute binding to models (CO-171)
  2. Review of nested COUs (CO-172)
  3. Review data model changes (CO-178)
    1. CMP vs CO Attributes: stick to current design (CMP attributes define federated attributes, CO attributes are more ad hoc)
  4. REST PUT (CO-119)
  5. Reconciliation (CO-186) (identify workflow)
  6. Discussion of CO-180 (Enrollment Workflow Model and Controller Updates) and CO-179 (Enrollment Workflow REST API Revisions)
  7. Org Identity per-CO vs per-CMP
    1. Need to move to this model, possibly making it optional
  8. Discussion of UI
  9. Documentation Style Guide
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