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Itana is launching the premier New to Enterprise Architecture (New2EA) Program in higher education. It is intended for new architects or architects new to higher education. 

The Itana New2EA Program 2022-23 is an 8-month long, no-cost, cohort-based program consisting of multiple half-day sessions and mentoring triads. Work between sessions provides more in-depth learning and enhances learning in the interactive sessions. The program is led by seasoned leaders from several universities and colleges who bring a breadth of experience and perspective. Leader-coaches and mentors will be assigned to support participants on their learning journey.

Course and Curriculum Structure.

A case study will be used throughout the curriculum as a device to engage participants in a realistic architectural engagement.  We will meet monthly in a virtual class one a for a 4 hour session.  Between sessions, you will work in a triad with your peers on homework assignments and peer coaching sessions.  Once a month, you will meet with your leadership coach who will guide you on your journey.  

Learning Outcomes we expect you to gain:

  • What is architecture and what is Architectural Thinking?
  • Understanding the Context of your architecture practice
  • Leadership Skills and competencies for Architects
  • Soft Skills needed by Architects
  • Communication Skills used by Architects
  • Methods and Tools that are often used by Architects
  • Case Studies of success and failure

We are excited for our first cohort of the Itana New2EA Program.

-- Itana Steering Committee and the New2EA Planning Team.


DateTime (US Pacific)Time (US Eastern)Time (GMT)*
Thursday, October 610:30am-12pm1:30pm-3pm5:30pm-7pm
Wednesday, October 1910:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm5:30pm-9pm
Wednesday, November 1610:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, December 1410:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, January 1110:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, February 810:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, March 810:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, April 1210:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm5:30pm-9pm
Wednesday, May 310:30am-1pm1:30pm-4pm5:30pm-8pm

*Note.  Please double check the time in your time zone.


DateTime (US Pacific)Time (US Eastern)Time (GMT)
Thursday, October 610:30am-12pm1:30pm-3pm5:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, October 1910:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm5:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, November 1610:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-11pm
Wednesday, December 1410:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-11pm
Wednesday, January 1110:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-11pm
Wednesday, February 810:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-11pm
Wednesday, March 810:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm6:30pm-11pm
Wednesday, April 1210:30am-2pm1:30pm-5pm5:30pm-10pm
Wednesday, May 310:30am-1pm1:30pm-4pm5:30pm-10pm

New2EA Planning Team

Beth Schaefer (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Betsy Draper (Kansas State)

Henry Pruitt (New York University)

Jacob Morris (University of Washington)

jeff kennedy (University of Auckland)

Jim Phelps (University of Washington)

Louis King (Yale University)

Mona Guerra (University of California, San Diego)

Piet Niederhausen (University of Washington)

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