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  • What do I go to DLT for and what do I go to Internet2 for?
    • Your AWS contract is with DLT. You go to them for questions concerning the contract or billing, when you have requests for a new or additional master payer account, for technical support, to request NIH STRIDES accounts, etc.
    • Internet2 manages the NET+ program as a whole, including all of the community activities designed to help you understand, build and accelerate your usage of AWS. Internet2 is also your administrative recourse for issues you are having with the program reseller or the vendor.
    • And don't forget Amazon. You will have an account manager and solutions architect who can help you understand and explore AWS.
  • What resources are available to help us get started?


The NET+ AWS Service Advisory Board has recommended all institutions set up an AWS Organization as a best practice for managing and supporting an enterprise implementation of AWS for a university or organization. This is true even if you are just starting out with a few accounts. It lays the groundwork for identity, security, networking


  • How do I confirm I have AWS's Data Egress Fee Waiver (DEFW) set up for all eligible accounts?
  • Where are DEFW credits reflected in my bill?
  • What is the process for getting compute credits applied to the appropriate account?


  • What support options are available to Customers?
    • Basic Support – Customers can get billing support and service limit increases. These requests would still go through DLT.  Technical support is not available if you do have a support plan attached to the account.
    • Developer Support – Currently Developer Support is not built into agreements between DLT/AWS which makes this option unavailable on any DLT support plans.
    • Business Support – Partner led support by DLT
    • Enterprise Support – Partner Led Enterprise Support can be enabled at the organization level and adds additional SLA options, access to AWS TAMs, VIP treatment, etc.
  • What support options are available without paid support?
    • Without paid support, customers will be limited to Basic support only.
  • What options are available for Third party application and service support?
    • DLT will perform the same work on a third-party tool (e.g. Palo Alto) as AWS would. They work to the AWS demark time and will engage with a third-party support contract as needed.
  • Currently the first response to tickets submitted always seems to be to add the DLT-Support role to the member account. Because of this, should we deploy the support role in all DLT accounts prior to ticket creation?
    • Yes, DLT recommends deploying to all accounts.
  • Is there a CloudFormation Template available for deploying business support?
  • How do you change support options for an account or organization?
  • What are the current supported methods for ticket submission for DLT?
  • What is the best practice to escalate an existing support issue?
    • Phone:  888-358-7658 (SOLV)
  • My institution was surprised by the Support Service Control Policy (SCP) rollout. Are there options for testing future SCPs in my test Organization?
    • Under AWS’ Partner Led Support program, support access is limited to the support provider (DLT). DLT complies with this requirement using an organization SCP, which limits access to DLT Support staff. DLT is currently developing a next-generation SCP which will provide more customer visibility into the AWS Support Console, while remaining in compliance. If you have your own organization through DLT, and you would like to enroll in the DLT Support Access Beta, please open a ticket with DLT with the subject line “CloudOps: DLT Support Access Beta Enrollment.”
  • Who do I contact to get assistance with compliance needs?
  • Where can I find links to additional documentation?
  • CloudCheckr

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