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This action requires a user to be a Site Administrator.

To designate a Delegated Administrator (DA) and to assign access, logs into the Federation Manager and select the options from the   "Delegated Administrators" top navigation menu:

Add a new Delegated Administrator

Select "Add Delegated Administrator" from the "Delegated Administrators" drop down menu.

On the Add a Delegated Administrator page, enter the person's ePPN, first and last name, email address, phone number, and job title.

Federation Manager will an email invitation to the supplied email address (copying all other site administrators as well). The prospective DA clicks the link in the email to continue with the process.

A DA always logs into Federation Manager using a federated single sign-on identity provider. There is no local accounts/password for a DA.

About ePPN

ePPN (eduPersonPrincipalName) is a standard attribute in the InCommon Federation. ePPN is typically a human-readable user identifier. Federation Manager uses ePPN connects that person's access to Federation Manager with your IdP. By supplying the ePPN for the perspective Delegated Administrator, you are asserting that your IdP always asserts that ePPN for the same individual. Further, you are asserting that the ePPN always belongs to the intended individual. Changing a user's ePPN can cause the user to lose access or inadvertently reassign access to the wrong person.  

What if my organization does not have an Identity Provider published in InCommon?

Federation Manager supports Delegated Administrator sign in using Google accounts via the Google Gateway. Because a Google account address does not always end in “”, enter the user's ePPN in the following format:

For example,  if the user has a Google account address of

enter the user's ePPN in the following form:

See the Google Gateway wiki page for more information.

View and update a Delegated Administrator's profile

Select "Manage Delegated Administrators" from the "Delegated Administrators" drop down menu.

Click a Delegated Administrator's name to see his/her profile. The profile includes a list of Service Providers s/he can manage.

Click the "Edit" link to the right for quick access to edit the DA's profile (name, email, phone, title) information.

Assigning management of an existing SP to a Delegated Administrator

Select "Assign SP Metadata" from the "Delegated Administrators" drop down menu.

To allow a DA to manage an existing SP, you need to explicit grant the DA the ability to manage that SP. If you don't assign a delegated administrator to an SP, that delegated administrator will only be able to create new SP metadata.

A note about managing those ancient Delegated Administrator assignments

If you provisioned one or more delegated administrators prior to November 19, 2012 (when an upgrade to delegated administration occurred), please do the following:

  1. Log into the Federation Manager and click the link “Delegated Administrators”
  2. On the delegated administration page, click the link "Assign Metadata to Delegated Administrators"
  3. Next to the entityID of some SP, select the desired delegated administrator from the drop-down menu and press the “Add” button
  4. Repeat the previous step for every delegated administrator that needs to edit SP metadata

Each delegated administrator assigned as described above should now be able to edit SP metadata.

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