Welcome to the NET+ LabArchives Program!

The Internet2 NET+ LabArchives Program is open to all Internet2 members and entities mutually agreed to by Internet2 and LabArchives. LabArchives is a suite of SaaS applications that help scientists manage and document their research data, prove & protect discovery, collaborate securely, and manage inventory, samples, and lab resources. LabArchives is used in research labs and higher education courses across the globe, and Enterprise Licenses are designed for large groups, departments and enterprises and empower end-users and administrators with powerful, yet easy-to-use scientific workflow applications.

Features like organization-wide permissions and controls, access to LabArchives API for custom builds and unlimited data storage ensure LabArchives tools can be customized to meet each enterprise’s specific needs. LabArchives Enterprise Success Team onboards users and works with administrators and systems managers to support users at every organizational level.

Data Management and Sharing Policy

LabArchives supports the key aspects of the NIH 2023 Data Management and Sharing (DMS) policy which is now in effect. This policy has three high-level components:

  1. Planning and budgeting for data management and sharing

  2. Creation of a Data Management & Sharing (DMS) plan 

  3. Implementation of the DMS plan 

To learn more about how LabArchives can support your institution with the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy click here, read the NIH Data Requirements - What Data Must be Shared and NIH 2023 DMS Requirements - Where Do I Share My Data.

Community Resources

Join the Subscribers mailing list:

NET+ LabArchives Program Subscribers may join our email distribution list to take advantage of connecting with other Institutions about program events, LabArchives product updates, and more. Please contact netplus@internet2.edu to be added.

LabArchives Virtual Events:

Subscribers are encouraged to sign up for upcoming LabArchives Webinars, Virtual Events, and Training opportunities. 

Join our Service Advisory Board

Typically, the work of the Advisory Board focuses on these areas:

  • Ongoing service advisory mechanisms through which the higher education community may continue to validate the tailored aspects of the service, inform the product roadmap, and be aware of industry trends in software architecture and other aspects
  • A community of practice around each service including support for events, online collaboration, knowledge/how-to sharing and other activities
  • Support for potential subscribers with the procurement of the services
  • Favorable pricing and terms, including consistent and transparent pricing for higher education subscribers; predictable annual pricing changes; discounts based on the aggregate spend of higher education subscribers; full/complete “base” bundle of subservices/features and minimization of add-on pricing
  • Service configuration and legal terms tailored to meet the particular needs of higher education, delivered through the work of higher education peers and the service provider, facilitated by Internet2
  • Support for the InCommon Federation and enablement of InCommon SSO access to offered services
  • Compliance with industry standards, notably applicable laws and regulations, data ownership, security

Please contact Lauren Hanks (lhanks@internet2.edu) if you have an interest in serving on the Advisory Board. Please note that SAB members must also be a Subscriber to the NET+ LabArchives program.

NET+ LabArchives Service Advisory Board

The NET+ LabArchives program is managed by an Internet2 program manager with the support of the NET+ LabArchives Service Advisory Board (SAB). 

      Service Advisory Board Members 

  • Andrew Creamer, Brown University
  • Anne Groves, Ohio State University
  • Bob Larsen, University of Utah
  • Craig Pohl, Washington University of St. Louis 
  • Jan Cheetam, University of Wisconsin
  • Jeremy Pelegrin, Tulane University 
  • Matt Ronning, The University of Alabama at Birmingham 

NET+ LabArchives Program Subscribers

LabArchives is one of the first services to enter into a NET+ Service Evaluation, and there are currently over 50 subscribing institutions to the program.

The list of NET+ LabArchives Program Subscribers can be found at internet2.edu/services/labarchives under the Subscriber Information tab. 

Service Documentation and Resources


NET+ LabArchives Program Manager: Lauren Hanks

To get in touch with the NET+ Program Manager, Service Advisory Board, the Service Management team, or any subscribing peer institutions, please reach out to netplus@internet2.edu.

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