NET+ Splunk Community Call

Date: 9/15/2021


  1. Intro – call is recorded
    1. Please rename yourself in Zoom to include your campus name.
    2. Introduction to the call, announcements, reminder the call is being recorded, etc
    3. Registration, awareness, emails, etc – how did that work?
  2. Agenda bash / round table of issues of submitted questions
    1. Managing getting log data into Splunk with Cribl or other tools
    2. Using Splunk in CMMC/research environments in AWS.
    3. Campus plans for 2021 for your Splunk deployments
    4. Your item here
  3. Open discussion
  4. Any feedback on the NET+ Splunk program
  5. Next call is October 20th, 2021 at 3pm ET



Auto-generate transcript from Zoom:

Chat transcript:


Recording for UCLA Health AWS with Splunk mention:

Community Voices: The UCLA Health Sciences HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Journey for Academic Research, July 30 – using Splunk in AWS

Current free training from Splunk:


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