NET+ Splunk Community Call

Date: 8/18/2021

Agenda is:

  1. Intro – call is recorded
    1. Please rename yourself in Zoom to include your campus name.
    2. Introduction to the call, announcements, reminder the call is being recorded, etc
    3. Registration, awareness, emails, etc – how did that work?
  2. Agenda bash / round table of issues of submitted questions
    1. Managing getting log data into Splunk with Cribl or other tools
    2. Using Splunk in CMMC/research environments in AWS.
    3. Campus plans for 2021 for your Splunk deployments
    4. Your item here
  3. Open discussion
  4. Any feedback on the NET+ Splunk program
  5. Next call is Sept 15th, 2021 at 3pm ET

Numbers: 16 campuses

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Managing getting log data into Splunk with Cribl or other tools

90% of traffic through Cribl into Splunk

Thur Aug 26th – Cribl next step

De-dup a lot of events

Forward data to an S3 bucket

Like a heavy forwarder

Cribl getting O365 logs

Timeliness of the logs?

            Few minutes delayed. 5-10 minutes operating on an interval timer.

            Pulling from MS service hub.

De-duping fields – depends on the firewall rule

            With quantifier. Depends on the context of the traffic

            Regex and UI for Cribl to configure workflows

Running on single instance for 200GB

Going to keep in prod

DNS query logs

            Need to do some de-dup

            Not sure about cost

            Free up to 2TB a day

            Community based support

Can summarize data over longer period of time

Volume license – in Splunk

Netflow license:

            Netflow/DNS license:

Where it has a section on "Splunk Enterprise for DNS & Netflow Data"

Is that useful for adding data for enrichment

            Using Threat intel

            Useful for searchers or dashboards

            Abstracting how this might be done in Apache Kafka

            How to include internal databases for how to do that lookup

            Increase size of events in Cribl

            Palo Alto packs for stripping out unnecessary fields



Cribl architecture?

            Running Redhat 8 VM using RPM

            Typical RPM upgrade

            Nothing crazy for VM specs for the 200GB per day


                        Using free tier

                        10 workers as part of cluster


What is ingested into Cribl and then to Splunk?

            200GB to Cribl and think 25% reduction for Splunk


  1. Using Splunk in CMMC/research environments in AWS.

Worked with Deloite – using centralized log

Splunk Security

Splunk Cloud

Pricing really added up on Splunk Cloud/Security App

Splunk license centrally

Standalone Splunk and ES to monitor logs

Lots of work done quickly in controlled environment

Used this to learn about on-prem and what needs to be done in AWS

ControlTower not available in GovCloud

Recording for UCLA Health AWS with Splunk mention:

Community Voices: The UCLA Health Sciences HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Journey for Academic Research, July 30 – using Splunk in AWS

Using Docker?

Used for development

Makes sense for forwarders or dev boxes

Cribl? Did POC with free? Commercial vs non-commercial?

            Splunk Slack channels

            Pretty good community support

            Also a Cribl slack:

            Using Logstash or Kafka?

            Cribl better than Heavy forwarder

            DNS log data parsing and summarizing

            Sending data to a long term archive

            Metrics have been really valuable

            Free tier and pay for support?

                        Don’t know


Splunk Slack channel


            phantom too:

            High concentration of Splunk fezs


            Can be configured based on fields



Just starting metrics. Where to save on license overhead

Moving Splunk instance to AWS

Use of metric indexes

            Lots of development for app and getting deprecated

RFP for Splunk vs Elastic. Anyone done the proof of concept?

            Free Elastic doesn’t seem to be enough

            Number of staff needed for reporting and dashboards was significant effort

            Probably need to do RFP

            Visualization better with Splunk

            License constrained running Elastic

            Large Elastics a lot of work

            Did bakeoff IR using Splunk review logs vs GreyLog

                        Found this valuable to demonstrate value of Splunk

                        Gather more actionable data in Splunk

                        Needed to know Elastic much better to get data out

                        Didn’t write a report

Education programs for your users?

            Welcome App?

            Success with that

            Used for creating Apps


Education credits or discounts for Splunk

Some credits used for Splunk team, but need Splunk power user for 80 people on campus

Free training helps with more users using Splunk

Splunk sees as revenue source

Current free training from Splunk:


.conf – anyone going?


This article touches on metrics, but it also makes mention of data replay to an ephemeral log system. Might be a use-case for Elastic container.

Next call is Sept 15th, 2021 at 3pm ET

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