Date: 6/17/2021


  1. Intro – call is recorded
    1. Please rename yourself in Zoom to include your campus name.
    2. Introduction to the call, announcements, reminder the call is being recorded, etc
  2. Brief overview of NET+ Program
  3. Announcing the NET+ Palo Alto Networks program – Nick Lewis - Internet2 Program Manager, NET+ Cloud Services and Hunter Ely – Palo Alto Networks SLED Field Strategist
  4. Prisma Access presentation and demo - Ed Caswell – Palo Alto Networks
  5. Q&A/Discussion
  6. Any feedback on the NET+ Palo Alto Networks program
  7. Next call is July 15th, 2021 at 1pm ET

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Follow-up Blog:


To add onto what Ed said: One of the things we discussed during the service evaluation was the public cloud network peering with the Internet2 network so campuses could use the I2 network peering.

Is that for Azure ExpressRoute or an OCI FastConnect?

      Have done Azure. Not sure about Oracle

      Just IPSec

      System very flexible

      Capacity and autoscaling

Who needs Autoscaling discussion

Could you talk a little about client posture checking?

      Client program brings posture assessment

      Know who is connecting and a little about the endpoint

      Do offer clientless

Hunter asks Rick how it went

      Did require some customization for segmentation for certain customers

      Moving to cloud required some discussion around local groups that should only be able to access specific services

      Once we got everything setup, everything


      Split tunnel got simplified for full tunnel

      Prisma Access allowed for the flexibility for a local dept with unique needs to connect to the network

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