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InCommon TAC 2021 Work Plan

This is final version of the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee's 2021 work plan. The TAC provides recommendations related to the technical operation and management of InCommon. The work plan outlines the proposed technical priorities, particularly for the InCommon Federation.If you have a new work item to propose, please copy the Template below and paste at the bottom of the work items, filling in a title and brief high-level description.Alternatively, if you would like to comment on any of the existing items, please add a comment to the wiki page. Note that you need to sign into Confluence in order to edit or leave a comment.Lastly, if you have a work item you'd like to propose but aren't comfortable using the wiki editor, enter it in the comments at the bottom of the page.

The TAC’s 2021 work plan is a synergistic portfolio of items with two overarching themes:

  1. Making federation easier: Lowering the barriers to getting on the federation highway for institutions that are unable or unwilling to run their own IdPs and for SPs wanting to join InCommon
  2. Increasing the value of participating in InCommon: Increasing value proposition by thinking which wants and needs are valuable to the most people. This means solving the business case to maximize investments.

Adopt SAML Deployment Profile

Evaluate the Kantara SAML2 Deployment Profile; produce recommendations on which/how/when InCommon should adopt elements of the SAML2 Deployment Profile:

  • Which statements should be immediately required?
  • Which should be required in near term (allow time for transition)
  • Which should be considered for longer term requirements
  • Which should remain best practice (e.g., they are not federation-related)
  • Which needs update/amendment?
  • How does this relate to Baseline?

Link to related materials

Suggestion/Action Item




Task group to analyze profile and drafting recommendation for TAC review/adoption

Keith W

Albert W

Judith B

Mark R

Steve P


Consider R&E layer profile

Keith W

What type of work is expected? Working Group, Liaison Efforts, Other?

Existing subgroup

TAC Sponsor(s)/Champion(s)

Keith Wessel

(Template for New Proposed Work Item)

High-level description of new work item.

Suggestion/Action ItemComments or ElaborationName, Organization

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