The GroupSave class is the recommended and support way to insert/update/delete a group. This class was introduced in v1.4+ , some options added later.

Sample call

 Group groupAbc = new GroupSave().assignName("a:b:c").assignCreateParentStemsIfNotExist(true).save();

Sample using GroupSave results

 GroupSave groupSave = new GroupSave().assignName("a:b:c").assignCreateParentStemsIfNotExist(true);
 Group groupAbc =;
 System.out.println(groupSave.getSaveResultType()); // DELETE, INSERT, NO_CHANGE, or UPDATE

Sample to delete

 new GroupSave().assignName("a:b:c").assignSaveMode("DELETE").save();

To edit just one field (the description) for existing group a:b:c

 new GroupSave().assignName("a:b:c").assignDescription("new description").assignReplaceAllSettings(false).save();

To edit just one field (the idIndex) for existing group a:b:c

Note, that new idIndex cant be in use by another group (query grouper_groups_v for the id_index col) and should not be above the current pointer (which you can adjust in the table grouper_table_index)

 new GroupSave().assignName("a:b:c").assignIdIndex(12345).assignReplaceAllSettings(false).save();

Rename a group to same parent folder

 new GroupSave().assignGroupNameToEdit("folder:oldName").assignName("folder:newName").assignReplaceAllSettings(false).save();


Java docs:

Legacy methods

This methods are not recommended:



addGroup(parent stem name, extension, displayExtension)

Add group to registry


Delete group from registry

getGroupAttr(group name, attr)

Get value of group attribute

setGroupAttr(group name, attr, value)

Set value of group attribute

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