Welcome to the NET+ airSlate/signNow wiki. 

With support from Claremont Graduate University, airSlate/signNow entered the NET+ Program as a pre-service evaluation NET+ service in March 2021. Services include an e-signature solution, workflow automation software, document generation, and more. The pre-service evaluation agreement is available and it offers higher education discounted rates and custom packages developed for the higher education community not available outside of the Internet2 NET+ agreement.

A service evaluation group is being formed to help drive the product roadmap for our Higher Education community, and to ensure airSlate/signNow meets the NET+ program standards.

We covered the NET+ airslate/signNow offering during a webinar held on June 17, 2021 and the recording and with the presentation slides are available to anyone interested in learning more about it.

Service Evaluation Goals

The service evaluation team will work over the course of 2021 to:

  • Review features and functionality in sigNow and airSlate and help drive the roadmap for Higher Education
  • Streamline the management and usage of e-signature and electronic workflow tools at institutions
  • Support administrative, institutional teaching and research needs
  • Integration with other enterprise applications and services

If you are interested in helping with the service evaluation please contact Dana Voss at dvoss@internet2.edu.

Service Evaluation Status

Status by CategoryStatus Indicator% Complete


InitiationG100%NET+ Candidate Service Initiation Request Form was submitted by airSlate
Functional AssessmentG10%

Functional Assessment workgroup to be formed


Security Assessment workgroup to be formed. HECVAT is available for review upon request


VPAT under construction, expected in January 2021

Identity IntegrationG10%

Identity integration discussions are underway

Network IntegrationG100%Completed

Business & Legal

G100%Facilitation Agreement and Customer Agreement finalized

NET+ signNow/airSlate Service Evaluation Participants

  • Manoj Citre, Claremont Graduate University
  • Lil Mazza, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

      To Contact the Service Evaluation group

      Email: dvoss@internet2.edu 



Service Documentation and Resources

Accessibility: To be added

Identity: To be added

Information Security: To be added

Contract and Pricing: To be added

Community Resources

To be announced

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