Date: 2/24/2020


  1. Roll call
  2. Reminder - Netflow, DNS, vCPU license discussion call on 3/2 at 2pm 
  3. In-person meeting planning for 2020 at Splunk 
    1. Not enough people are available on 3/24, so canceling 
    2. Maybe meet at SPC?
    3. Additional focused call on Cloud?
  4. Current status of the NET+ Splunk program
    1. Presentation from Splunk and Nuharbor Security on adding a managed security service to the NET+ Splunk program 
    2. Any feedback?
    3. Did data sources on  2/13 call.
    4. Next topic?
    5. Future topic on Research, Phantom, or Physical security
      1. Penn State to talk about what they did at .conf on Phantom?
    1. Start a sub-group to focus on this with a call or two
    2. Splunk Clouds terms last updated on 6/26/2019 -
      1. Updated on 12/10/2019
    3. Splunk Cloud Security Addendum:
    4. Splunk Cloud Service Description:
    5. Splunk Cloud campus top 5 list -
    1. Check-in on how the advisory board is running - too much work, too much email, etc?
    2. Campuses signed up in the last month: No new campuses. 5 renewals. 46 total campuses.
    3. Follow-ups from previous calls
    4. Community update town hall and user group -
    5. Community Wiki
    6. Splunk Cloud discussion
    7. Survey of the community on the program - holding to later in the year
    8. Feedback from the community
  5. Updates from Splunk
    1. General updates from Splunk
    2. REN-ISAC SES/CIF App - in discussion with REN-ISAC
  6. Updates from Carahsoft
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