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Due to the increase in demand, Zoom will take about 48hrs to provision services to your account, once they’ve received a signed Order form. To help expedite the processing, please:

  • Consolidate your orders, as much as possible. Quotes and order forms are processed in the order it was received. Grouping your orders together will help lessen any confusions or errors. 
  • Provide the following information when asking for a quote:
    • Item Name (i.e. Webinar 500 Participants)
    • Quantity of item
    • Effective Date
    • Contact Information - Name and Email of who needs to sign the quote/order form

Please ensure upgrade and new orders are being sent to your Zoom account manager and

We understand this is a challenging time for everyone and we’re so appreciative of the community partnering with us as we navigate through this historic time. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do further to help. You can view previous updates related to the NET+ Zoom offering and Internet2-Zoom network peering on our wiki.