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Logging into the "Lite" UI

Links to the end-user targeted "lite" UI are found throughout the admin UI. However, it is also possible to log into the "lite" UI directly. There is a link on the index page of the quick start UI: "Log in to Prototype Lite UI". On a standard installation this points to the following resource:


You will need to log on (you can use the same credentials as you so for the admin UI). The first page you will see looks like this:

You will notice that the hierarchy of folders and groups is not displayed - the "lite" UI assumes that users will know what groups they wish to work with. As you use the pages you will also notice that it uses AJAX to perform searches without requiring mouse clicks on a search button. Once you have typed at least 4 characters a search is performed asynchronously.

Once you have selected a group you will be presented with a simplified group management page.

You can search for users or groups to add as members (the search is performed asynchronously once again). You can also delete existing members by clicking the "x" image next to the name in the Membership list. There is a link to the Admin Ui on the page, but several advanced features are available on the "lite" page. If you click the "Advanced features" link you will see further options:

The final set of options on this page is available by clicking the down arrow next to a member name in the Membership list:

The "lite" UI is group centric, hiding the folders from the user. It would not be possible to administer Grouper solely through the "Lite" UI, so other methods of managing Grouper (such as the Admin UI) must be used as well.

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