Goal #1: Program improvements

Continue to enhance the value of the NET+ AWS program.

  • Deliverable: Update AWS Enterprise Customer Agreement to include Statements of Work from AWS Partner providers.
  • Deliverable: Update Business Associates Agreement to include full list of available HIPAA Eligible Services.
  • Deliverable: Evaluate purchasing Reserve Instances and Savings Plan for program as a whole to further drive down 'automatic' program discounts for subscribing institutions.

Goal #2: Ecosystem

Develop additional ways to consume ecosystem services for NET+ AWS. These include additional cost management functionality, training services, security products, and commonly used, ready to deploy research tooling.

  • Deliverable: Complete CloudCheckr Premium Service Evaluation and launch availability for all NET+ AWS subscribers.
  • Deliverable: Explore deploying an AWS Private Marketplace for Research solutions.
  • Deliverable: Create an over-the-top IaaS tooling working group, seeded from the experience for the NET+ AWS advisory board and subscribers.

Goal #3: Community

Build out community resources for NET+ AWS subscribers.

  • Deliverable: Create a quarterly newsletter for campus subscriber Leads and Technical contacts.
  • Deliverable: Create at least three webinars highlighting how subscribers are using NET+ AWS for the Cloud Online webinar series.
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