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Selecting a service provider begins with a challenge that a campus is experiencing, or with a common need from the broader R&E community that could be solved with a cloud-based solution. The university identifies a service provider who may have a potential solution. In turn, the university decides to sponsor the particular service within the Internet2 NET+ program and introduce the service provider to the community. The steps for this are articulated in the Service Intake process. Internet2 Higher Education Members or Service Provider interested in bringing forward a service should review the intake process and contact with any questions or to indicate interest in participating.

The sponsored service proceeds through the process identified by the NET+ lifecycle, including thorough research and testing, and early adopter participation. Ultimately, these efforts lead to the announcement of the service for general availability to the higher education community.

Below is a listing of Candidate Services:

Service Provider

Service Name

Intake Form Complete?


Service Provider Contact

Internet2 Contact


AirSlateSignNow, AirSlateYesCandidate Service

Scott Owen

Dana Voss

ChronicleBackstoryNoCandidate Service
Nick Lewis 
Held overview webinar for the community to introduce the service and service evolution process.


CloudCheckr Premium


In Service Evaluation

Mike Till

Quyen Vaillant

CloudCheckr has been accepted for Service Evaluation. See the CloudChecker Service page for more details.

GoogleG Suite Enterprise for EducationYesIn Service Evaluation

Alice Kamens

Dana Voss

Service Evaluation kick-off on May 11, 2020

Palo Alto Networks

Prisma Cloud Security Suite

In progress

Available as a Provisional Service and in Service Evaluation

Hunter Ely

Nick Lewis 

NET+ Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access Community Call on 4/1/2020



PantheonPantheonNoCandidate ServiceMike MonanQuyen Vaillant

WasabiWasabiNoCandidate Service
Sean O'Brien 

DataDogDataDogNoCandidate ServiceJim Van Voorhis
Sean O'Brien 

miromiroIn progressCandidate ServiceNelson Wang
Sean O'Brien 

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