Selecting a service provider begins with a challenge that member institutions are experiencing or a common need from the broader R&E community that could be solved with a cloud-based solution. The process often begins when a member or a group of institutions identifies a service provider who may have a potential solution. The next steps for consideration to be evaluated for inclusion in the NET+ program are articulated in the Service Intake process. Internet2 Higher Education Members or Service Providers interested in bringing forward a service should review the intake process and contact with any questions or to indicate interest in participating.

The sponsored service proceeds through the process identified by the NET+ lifecycle, including thorough research and testing, and early adopter participation. Ultimately, these efforts lead to the announcement of the service for general availability to the higher education community.

Below is a listing of current Candidate Services:

Service Name

Service Provider

StatusInternet2 Contact


GlobusGlobusIn Service EvaluationDana Voss
Technical evaluation completed but remains in the contract negotiation phase.



In Service Evaluation

Tara Gyenis

Technical evaluation completed and in final contract negotiations.

Pathify Engagement HubPathifyOn HoldTara Gyenis
Kicked off the service evaluation on January 18, 2024. Currently on hold.
Large Language Model (LLM) Gateway TBDRequirements GatheringTiffany Frank

Third-Party Risk ManagementTBDRequirements Gathering

Nick Lewis 

Neutral Host Network Platform (NHNP)TBDRequest for Proposal (RFP) IssuedBrian Ladrido

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