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Welcome to the NET+ CloudCheckr Premium wiki

CloudCheckr Premium was brought forward by Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Penn State University to begin the NET+ Service Evaluation process. They were later joined by Stanford University. CloudCheckr provides cost management, asset inventory, security & compliance monitoring, and resource utilization tracking across your multi-cloud environments, giving not only centralized visibility into your cloud at the enterprise level, but also putting tools in the hands of individual researchers, departments and developers.

The NET+ CloudCheckr Premium offering, through DLT, will be available for AWS, Azure, and GCP with varying levels of functionality for each platform. This offering will include total visibility for cloud spending across the three most highly adopted cloud infrastructure providers used in higher education. It will include delegation of access to individual account owners on a campus, access to APIs to automate billing reports, and provide visibility to the security posture of a campus’s cloud footprint.

Service Status

The NET+ CloudCheckr Premium Service Evaluation is coming to a close. Terms have been agreed. Final documentation and agreement language are being finalized for Service Evaluation schools to take back to their own legal and procurement teams to assess. Once that review and feedback cycle is complete, the service will move into general availability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CloudCheckr Premium?

NET+ CloudCheckr Premium, commercially known as CloudCheckr CMx, includes cost optimization, expense management, security, compliance, reporting and analytics features.

  • We are currently a NET+ AWS customer. How does CloudCheckr Premium differ from what we already receive for free as part of that service offering?

One of the benefits of the NET+ AWS program, also offered through the reseller DLT, is free access to a basic subset of CloudCheckr's cost and billing reports. NET+ CloudCheckr Premium will have added functionality such as delegation of access to individual account owners on a campus, access to APIs to automate billing reports as well as security and compliance reports. Participants in the NET+ AWS program will receive a discount on their NET+ AWS data in NET+ CloudCheckr Premium over data from other cloud service providers, including AWS from another contract.

  • What is the NET+ Service Evaluation process?

The Service Evaluation process includes a group of universities, led by a Sponsor university and Internet2, accessing the service for inclusion in the Internet2 NET+ catalogue, apply a consistent process, and determine how to make it available at scale to the entire higher education community. The service evaluation includes assessing: functional features, security and accessibility compliance, identity, and business model.

  • Who is involved in the Service Evaluation?

The Service Evaluation team includes participants from: Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State University, and Stanford University.

  • How can we participate in the Service Evaluation?

The Service Evaluation for CloudCheckr Premium is nearly complete. If you are interested in joining the NET+ CloudCheckr Premium program as we open up the program and enter the Early Adopter phase, please reach out to Bob Flynn or write to  

  • What if I already a have direct contract with CloudCheckr or through a reseller?

We encourage you to add successor language to your existing contract to allow you to move to the new NET+ CloudCheckr Premium agreement once it's complete. You may obtain a copy of the successor language by emailing 

  • What if I want to purchase CloudCheckr now?

To purchase CloudCheckr now, you can work directly with CloudCheckr or a reseller. However, we  encourage you to add successor language to your contract to allow you to move to the new NET+ CloudCheckr Premium agreement once it is complete. You may obtain a copy of the successor language by emailing 

Key Program Announcements

  • May 26, 2021 - NET+ CloudCheckr Premium is introduced as part of a rollout of four new NET+ programs. (slides and recording)
  • June 10, 2021 - A dedicated NET+ CloudCheckr Premium webinar includes a product overview by CloudCheckr as well as each member of the Service Evaluation team speaking about their favorite features of the product (slides, recording and Q&A transcript)

Blog stream

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NET+ CloudCheckr Service Evaluation Team

  • Gerard Shockley, Boston University
  • Ethan Connor, Carnegie Mellon Univerity
  • Shane Heivly, Rich Rhoades & Jeff Minelli, Penn State University

  • Noah Abrahamson, Stanford University
  • Jennifer Triplett, DLT
  • Josh Gazes, DLT
  • Bob Flynn, Internet2