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The NET+ GCP Early Adopters team has been listening to your feedback on what would help you support researchers on your campus with GCP and because of that we have added a new offer to NET+ GCP.  

The Google team has approved this as one of a number of offers to subscribing NET+ GCP campuses through the end of December.  We would love to see lots of uptake so we can be sure to renew them for next year. Please email for more details.

40 Hours of Researcher Support
Receive 40 research consultation hours for your university to support getting started with projects on GCP. The team at your university managing research computing or cloud computing has control of allocating these hours to researchers over 3 months. Here’s our suggested framework for allocating across 3 researchers:

  • 2 hours - Background gathering: Project goals and computing needs
  • 5 hours - Education: Research reference architecture, best practices for researchers, and deep dive into key areas based on information received during background gathering (training on how to access GPUs and TPUs, running SLURM jobs, high CPU & high memory workloads)
  • Remaining hours - Project setup and ongoing support: Advice & assistance from SMEs, office hours assistance