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Welcome to the NET+ LastPass wiki. This wiki is still under development. The NET+ LastPass service advisory board is also starting to be formed.

Many Internet2 member and non-member institutions take advantage of this service offering. If your institution is one of them then this wiki will provide details on how to make the most of your participation of the programming and interact with peers across Internet2 member institutions. 

This program is open to all Internet2 higher education members and non-member higher education institutions. If you are looking details on how to join the program as a existing participant, please visit the Participate Tab of the NET+ LastPass webpage.

Subscribers may review the NET+ LastPass website.

Key Program Updates


Service Documentation and Resources

Accessibility: TBD

Identity: TBD

Information Security: TBD

Contract and Pricing: TBD

Community Resources

Participate in our Online Community (Participants Only): TBD

Join the NET+ LastPass Community Forum (Open to all NET+ LastPass Customers): TBD

Collaborate on Community Resources (Participants Only): TBD

NET+ LastPass Service Advisory Board (SAB) Membership

  • TBD


Send Feedback or Submit a Feature Request:

The NET+ LastPass program is managed by an Internet2 program manager with the support of the NET+ LastPass Service Advisory Board to be formed. 

The NET+ LastPass Service Advisory Board will review and prioritizes community feature requests on a quarterly basis and submits them to LastPass product leadership. Feature requests may be submitted in the future.


Blog stream

Create a blog post to share news and announcements with your team and company.

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