Reviewing a Service for Consideration

When do we add a new service into the NET+ Cloud Services Portfolio?

  1. There an unmet need in the market for a specific technology
  2. There is a challenge with an incumbent vendor where the R&E community can work together either with that vendor or alternative vendors
  3. There are at least five Internet2 member institutions willing to participate in a Service Evaluation

Key Characteristics and Requirements for a NET+ Service:

  • Scale at least nationally
  • Meet unique R&E needs today and into the future
  • Delivered over global R&E networks
  • Adopt R&E federated identity standards
  • Commit to community Accessibility, Privacy, Security and other Compliance needs
  • Commit to sales practices and a business model that aligns with community expectations
  • Support a common, community contracting terms and conditions (negotiate once, use many times)

Candidate Services

Requirements of Service Providers

  • Service Provider Sponsor: Executive sponsor within sales or partner management and within product management at the service provider 
  • Identified Higher Education Sponsor: CIO or another senior executive from a higher education member institution
  • Commitment to:
  • Willingness to work with the Internet2 community to customize services to meet the unique needs of education and research

Intake Process

  1. Exploration
    1. Determine the level of community interest
    2. Review the level of alignment with Internet2 members current cloud priorities
  2. Review Requirements
    1. Determine the business model
    2. Review NET+ standards for functionality, technical integrations, security, accessibility, business model and contract terms
    3. Overview of process and expectations management
    4. Identify academic member sponsor
  3. Complete Intake Form
    1. Articulate sponsorship from Internet2 members and candidate service leadership
    2. Product roadmap and vision of higher education
    3. Overview of anticipated resources and timeline
  4. Community Consultation
    1. Opportunity for review of the intake form and product
    2. Feedback from NET+ advisory committees and other groups
  5. Review and Prioritization
    1. Review by the NET+ leadership team
    2. Recommendation to move forward, move to backlog for future consideration or rejection
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