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Grouper Administration Guides

Grouper Video Training

Release Information

Installation & Configuration

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Architectural and High Level Diagrams 
Planning Guide 
Components Overview - lists components (including connectors) in Grouper and provides links to more info.
Prerequisites - Establish the Grouper environment.
Product Specifications - "Specsheet" for Grouper
Grouper Installer - Installs the Grouper API, quickstart data, UI, WS, and client; also used to do upgrading and patching
API Installation - Configure the API and integrate with existing identity stores.
Configuration Files and Overlays - Configuration approaches including using cascaded configuration files.
WS Installation - Build, secure, and deploy Grouper Web Services.
Initializing Administration of Privileges (the wheel group) - The first stem and group you should create.
Group and folder design ideas - Examples of how institutions have organized and delegated their folders and groups
Externalize and Encrypt Grouper LDAP and Database Passwords
Include Exclude and Require Groups - Helpful features as you design your groups
Getting Ready for Production with Grouper - steps to think about after Grouper installation
InCommon Trusted Access Platform Grouper Docker Documentation - step by step instructions on how to bring up Grouper in a Docker Swarm environment
Authentication to the Grouper UI - examples using Shibboleth or CAS

User Interfaces

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Grouper UI Installation - Configure, build, and deploy Grouper's User Interfaces.
Grouper new UI - Allows navigating the tree structure, managing groups, managing favorites and more.
Customizing the Administrative UI - applies only to Grouper versions prior to Grouper 2.2
Grouper LITE UIs - Information on Grouper LITE UIs (used from v2.0 to v2.3 for Attribute Framework and External Subjects)
Grouper Visualization - API to see the relationships between Grouper objects
Grouper Visualization UI - Using the Visualization UI to build and display graphs

On-Going Administration

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GrouperShell -  The gsh command line utility.
Grouper Daemon -  Background processing including: GrouperLoader, notifications and membership expiry.
Grouper Client - Client for Grouper LDAP and Web Services.
Move and Copy - How to move or copy groups or folders/stems.
Web Services  - A web application that exposes common Grouper business logic through SOAP and REST
Always Available Web Services and Client -  Web services that do not have a single point of failure.
Attribute Framework -  A framework for assigning metadata to Grouper objects.
Attribute Framework UI - User interfaces for defining and managing attributes
Grouper subject filter and attribute decorator - Restrict access to Subject attributes.
Grouper local entities - Manage access within Grouper for Subjects not managed in a Subject Source.
User Audit Log - How to review who made what changes and when.
Point in Time Auditing - Query the state of Grouper in the past.
Organizing Services In Grouper - Allows filtering of the registry by a service.
XML Import/Export Tool - Documentation for the XML Import/Export tool.
Legacy Import/Export Tool- Documentation for the original XML Import/Export tool.
Custom Group Types & Fields - (Deprecated as of Grouper 2.2)
Grouper Diagnostics - Gives the health of Grouper
Grouper overall summary administrative report - daily email report of status of Grouper 
Grouper Security Issues and Patches 

Ongoing Administration Tasks - Suggestions for ongoing Grouper administration tasks, including pruning the logs and registry, performing monitoring, and setting up notifications.

Access Management

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Access Management Features Overview - An overview of when to use rules, roles, limits, and other access management features
Role and permission management - Allowing external applications to centrally manage roles and permissions in Grouper
Permission Limits - Setting up runtime constraints on permissions
Enabled and disabled (Start/End) dates - Setting up memberships to apply only in the future, or for a certain period of time
Rules - Attach actions on certain events to trigger certain results
Deprovisioning - Remove access when someone leaves
Attestation - Get reminders to review groups periodically

Provisioning and Integration

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Integration Overview  - Considerations for integrating Grouper with an application

Provisioning Service Provider Next Generation - as of Grouper 2.3

Provisioning Service Provider  - Handles provisioning in Grouper  2.1 and above (replaces Ldappc and Ldappc-ng)

Grouper Messaging - allows messages to be sent and received from a messaging system 
Grouper Loader - Automatically manage Grouper memberships based on a data source
Subject API - Used to integrate a java application with a site's existing Identity Management operations
Notification (Change Log)  - Grouper can incrementally integrate with or provision external systems.
Hooks - Create connections from the Grouper API to your custom code
External Subjects - Managing external subjects.
Sync Grouper with another Grouper - Allows two group management systems to share a group.
Integer ID's on Grouper Objects - These integers can be used, for instance, as UNIX GIDs.
Shibboleth Integration (Grouper 2.1 and above) - Grouper as a Data Connector Extension for Shibboleth (newer architecture)
Shibboleth Integration (Prior to Grouper 2.1) - Grouper as a Data Connector Extension for Shibboleth.
Exposing Groups Through Shibboleth 
ESB Connector - Integrating Grouper with an event-driven ESB architecture.
Notifications - Java interface for handling Grouper events
XMPP Notifications - Handling XMPP Notifications
Grouper integration with Kuali Rice - Use Grouper groups in Kuali applications and middleware, and use Kuali Enterprise Workflow in Grouper groups management.
Grouper integration with uPortal -  Grouper uPortal integration.
Grouper integration with SCIM - SCIM stands for System for Cross-domain Identity Management (this integration is available in Grouper 2.2 and above).
Grouper Atlassian Connector - Allows you to manage Atlassian (Jira, Confluence) groups and person information.
Grouper VOOT Connector - Implements the VOOT specification for cross-domain read access to groups.
SQL Integration - Accessing Grouper data from SQL


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Unresolvable Subject Deletion Utility - Documentation for the command line usdu tool.
Bad Membership Finder Utility - Documentation for the findbadmemberships command line script.

Glossary, Roadmap and Other

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Glossary - Important Definitions

Getting Started with Grouper Book (not complete)

Community Contributions (read about other Grouper deployments and share your own)

Grouper Online Training Videos

Grouper Roadmap

See Also

TIER Grouper Deployment Guide

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