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Now available for community testing and feedback!

If you are running the Shibboleth IdP 3.4 or higher, managing the Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP) and integrating new service providers (SPs) just got easier!

The Shibboleth UI is a graphical interface for the Shibboleth IdP* that enables identity administrators to create Service Provider (SP) metadata files from "scratch, import metadata for an SP, and add entity attributes to that metadata to impact relying party settings such as required authentication context, what is signed, signature algorithm, encryption, forced authentication, etc.

Shibboleth UI Features and Benefits

  • Provides a management dashboard for the Shibboleth IdP* that allows you to configure your installation, add new SPs, and generate reports using a friendly and accessible user interface.
  • Administrative Management
    • The Shibboleth UI enables a streamline easy to use dashboard for day to day management of IdP configuration.
    • It provides an intuitive, easy-to-learn way to accomplish the most common complex tasks an IdP administrator needs to deal with like integrating new SPs.
    • It enables staff to integrate new services into the IdP with minimal training and helps keep operational costs low.
  • Integrated Help
    • The Shibboleth UI dashboard guides users to choose the right options by providing helpful information as needed.
  • Security and Privacy Control
    • The Shibboleth IdP* is built to adhere tightly to the SAML standards, and has rich, flexible control of attribute release, and the ability to require consent to attribute release. Both attribute control and the ability to require consent can easily be done through the Shibboleth UI.

For more information, please see Shibboleth IdP Metadata Management GUI project page.

*The Shibboleth UI can only be used with the Shibboleth IdP 3.4 or higher

Download the Shibboleth UI Software

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