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Non-browser apps, Grids & CI

Jim, Benn, Stephen Hopper, Luke Tracy, Jim Green, David Hicks, missed a couple of names, Scott Cantor, Lorenzo

Agenda construction

  • grids one example of a non-browser-based app environment


  • Protocols
    • IMAP
      • No discovery problem
    • SSH
    • Calendaring (CalDAV)
      • Calendar-to-Calendar sharing.
        • Is there a problem that the servers can handle?
        • Is there a federation role?
    • WebDAV
    • XMPP (Jabber)
      • Largely handled within the protocol by federating servers, not identities
    • SVN
    • GridFTP
    • Other HTTP protocols (SOAP, REST)
    • Job submission for grids
  • User communities, providers, and stakeholders
    • TeraGrid
    • Open Science Grid
    • Google Apps
    • Live@EDU
    • HPC Clusters
    • Independent scientific workgroups
    • Campus users: students/faculty
    • OS vendors, software vendors
  • User experience
    • One login per day, if that permits stronger credentials
    • Step up - 2 factor

Technical/Protocol issues

  • PKI
  • Web browser
    • OAuth
    • SASL
  • Discovery problems
    • email address/DNS
    • Privacy issues: How do you get them to login without exposing their identity
    • Easier to change IdPs than clients
    • SASL supported some clients
    • GSS supported by others
  • PAM; Delegated authentication: divulge username/password and then run off to destination
  • Moonshot
    • GSS combined with EAP and RADIUS
      • Does GSS meet the needs; plus requires OS-level changes

Opportunities/What's next

  • Expand things like eduRoam in InCommon
  • Encourage client work, maybe with students
  • Look to protocols like SASL
  • Track other efforts, like those federating SASL (Kitten) and GSS (Moonshot)
  • Standardize mapping between domains and IdPs
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