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Grouper Javadoc, cross-referenced source code, and other project and module reports are at . The website has subdirectories for the currently active and recent versions, and the alias main links to the currently active Git branch. The active Git branch is updated on the 3rd and 18th of every month by a cron job on i2midev6 (service user grprdist) , and pulled via rsync to webprod3. The same site can also be built locally using Maven command mvn -f grouper-parent --clean site site-deploy. The site directive will build the site locally in a subdirectory of grouper-parent, and site-deploy will stage it in directory /tmp/groupersite.

Reports available for each release module include:

JavadocJavadoc API documentation.
Test JavadocTest Javadoc API documentation.
Source XrefHTML based, cross-reference version of Java source code.
Test Source XrefHTML based, cross-reference version of Java test source code.
Dependency Updates ReportProvides details of the dependencies which have updated versions available.
Plugin Updates ReportProvides details of the plugins used by this project which have newer versions available.
Property Updates ReportProvides details of properties which control versions of dependencies and/or plugins, and indicates any newer versions which are available.
Tag ListReport on various tags found in the code.
dependency-check:aggregateGenerates an aggregate report of all child Maven projects providing details on any published vulnerabilities within project dependencies. This report is a best effort and may contain false positives and false negatives.

Between 2014 and 2019, the git branch gh-pages was updated with the javadoc on every commit, which effectively published it on . That method has been decommissioned due to the size explosion in the git repository. The main page of the site now redirects to the site.

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