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Statement of purpose

The true value of eduroam increases with its ubiquity. Having eduroam in every primary and secondary educational institution, library, and public space would enable teachers, students, and partners to have  secure wireless network access wherever they roam. Regional networks and community anchor institutions present unique and powerful partnership opportunities and together with Internet2, we can realize this vision.

The Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN) has developed a solid body of knowledge regarding  the eduroam service and also possesses the organizational vision, maturity, staffing, support structure, and ability to execute that are needed to succeed in a broad eduroam deployment to benefit its stakeholders. Internet2 believes that UETN is an ideal organization to lead the way for other Regional Networks  desiring to make future offerings available to their own member communities.

Because of the complexities inherent in this effort, UETN and Internet2 acknowledge that a valuable and sustainable Regional eduroam program is most likely to succeed if it is tested on a limited basis, fine tuned, and then offered for wider use based on the lessons learned. To this end UETN and Internet2 will enter a program pilot in which UETN will purchase and provide eduroam for its stakeholders with a single contract, also taking on portions of the service delivery.

Goals for the Pilot

  1. Deploy a wide scale implementation of eduroam targeting a defined set of UETN k12 institutions

  2. Use lessons learned during pilot to develop an informed business model for UETN and others wishing to deploy eduroam at a statewide level, as well as a more robust program for the national Regional community

  3. Develop a case study based on our combined experiences. Present the case study to UETN’s board and provide the case study as a resource to the broader Regional community. This case study will describe the experiences of pilot participants, provide a high level list of lessons learned, articulate the vision of the role eduroam plays in the regional portfolio and the value that it provides

  4. Develop a document repository. This body of knowledge will be used  to enable smoother program onboarding for Regionals and streamline onboarding processes for their members

  5. Develop a support analysis and training model for onboarding new regionals

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