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Brian DeMeulle

Peit Niederhausen

Bryce Fox

Alberto Mendoza

Ashish Pandit

Beth Schaefer

Betsy Draper

Betsy Reinitz

Brandon Rich

Brenda Reeb

Dave Miller

Dave Berry

Declan Fleming

J.J. Du Chateau

Jacob Morris

James J Phelps

John White

Louis King

Maher Shinouda

Sanju H. Boolani

Serge Goldstein


Brendan Bellina

Douglas Bergere

Jey Ramakrishnan

Krishna Seelam

Rupert Berk

Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out

Topic Title - Architecture and ERP programs

Dashed lines (-----) used to separate institutions. See meeting deck for additional information,

  • help business units understand change management, testing
  • Value of guardrails for future work, establishing reference architectures, decision tree to provide guidance (e.g., for integration)
    • fairly well received by business units, in part due to the pressure to make progress (crisis mode)
  • "We don't need architects, we need people to do stuff"
  • CIO leadership is good
  • ----------
  • Executive sponsorship includes CIO
  • Building security into (architecture) review has been effective to add to credibility and adherence to standards. review board sponsored by central IT.
  • cultural aspect - demanding people work for your architects
  • stabilization - implementation part II, operationalizing, actually doing some of the work not done during planning that hinders implementation
  • -----------
  • data and process focused, business led
  • look for opportunities to consolidate services/systems
  • organizational change management is huge - train and educate early
  • use Lean Six Sigma bench of green belts (LSSGB) and black belts (LSSBB) to assist, 20-25% of university staff have basic Lean Six Sigma training
  • BI team heavily involved, including data architect
  • PMO coordinates the effort
  • funded by central campus, and shifting to cloud first, SaaS first, where those "older technology" resources are repurposed to the enterprise project
  • service owners are expected to be trained to the LSSGB level and have a continuous improvement plan in place
  • ------------
  • focus on integrations and data flow was funded in the project and managed by the EA program
  • when funding for the enterprise project was finished, advanced capabilities evaporated with little support to sustain
  • ------------
  • small EA program - focus on standards and adherence to those standards with "architects" across institution. 
  • Further focus on authentication, narrow scope to keep the university out of trouble
  • ----------
  • EA program playing catch up with the enterprise project
  • ----------
  • How do we get away from one-shot lifts and move toward an continuous effort?
    • change is part of what we do
    • role of continuous improvement (e.g., service continuous improvement plan)
    • possible role of LSS

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