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Community feedback gathered from working groups and discussions at various meetings and venues provided feedback that continuing and expanding the TIER work on the various software components is desired – and make sure it financially and service sustainable for the foreseeable future.

Global Summit 2018 - Feedback from meetings and conversations: 1) continue the success of TIER, at minimum; and 2) develop software support capabilities that go beyond typical open-source software support models.

Campus Success Program (institutions working together to adopt the TIER software feedback): 1) Develop software support and implementation capabilities that go beyond typical open-source service support models, and 2) continue to build a mature, capable community-inspired access platform

InCommon Working Group recommendations:

Attributes for Collaboration and Federation WG recommendations include:

  • InCommon should build a bigger tent
  • Operate an InCommon IdP as a Service
  • Improve support for Service Providers

Streamlining SP Onboarding Working Group recommendations include:

  • Expand documentation on onboarding, including recommended standards and best practices
  • Provide resources (developed by the WG) to help Service Providers understand the onboading process and critera

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