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Welcome to Grouper Training at Temple University

The Grouper Training Environment (GTE) is a set of lesson plans, training exercises, and supporting Docker modules. Students are able to bring up a full training environment by running a simple docker command. The GTE provides all the necessary components and configuration to go from learning basic Grouper operations, to exploring the access governance concepts presented in the Grouper Deployment Guide (GDG). The focus of the GTE is not Grouper installation, but rather Grouper configuration, design, and operation. Little to no docker experience is required to complete the Grouper training.

The training environment will be made available to students via Amazon Web Services (AWS).  The student will only need a connection to the Internet and a suitable SSH client (e.g. OpenSSH on UNIX/Linux/Mac systems or PuTTY on Windows).  IP addresses and credentials will be provided during the class.  Alternatively, students may build a local copy of the GTE on a laptop which is capable of running a recent version of Docker.  The GTE docker source code is hosted on GitHub and can be cloned and build locally.  You can follow the instructions in the README.

Course Syllabus

  • GTE 101 - Grouper Basics
  • GTE 201 - TIER Access Governance
  • GTE 211 - Grouper Security Model
  • GTE 301 - Grouper Administration
  • GTE 401 - Access Governance Practicum

Instructions for Connecting to the AWS Training Environment

Connecting to the AWS Training Environment

All the Bash and Docker You Need to be Dangerous

While the focus of the training will be on Grouper, students will need to be able to issue some simple shell commands to start and stop environments.  The Command Line Jumpstart for the GTE is a useful reference for those unfamiliar with the bash shell or docker.

Links to Training Materials

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