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Internet2 has transitioned its Confluence wiki from to and now it’s Jira project management from to   This is more than just an address change. The new instances use a new registry and permissions management system, so all users will have a new record in this system.

Why is Internet2 moving these?

This transition is part of a larger project that will allow working group chairs and others to manage resources and permissions. We’re using Grouper and COmanage - both components of the InCommon Trusted Access Platform software set - to manage access to the wiki and email lists and now jira.

Is the content changing?

No. It should be identical.

Will the links that I have saved (like bookmarks) still work?

Links to existing will be redirected to for a period of time. However, we recommend you change your bookmarks, since the redirects will be discontinued at some point.

Do I need to create a new account in the new wiki?

No.  If, on April 29th, you can log into, and your permissions all seem right, you don’t need to do anything. Otherwise you should be redirected to enroll with the platform and once complete you will be able to log into

What if I've logged in, but can’t see and/or edit my stuff?

Please email with your name and the URL of the space to which you should have access.

What if I cannot log in?

If you cannot log in, that means you will need to register in the new wiki. You can use this link to register. Please do not try to register until after August 6. Otherwise, you will need to re-register after that date. Also, consider re-registering with the same email. We may be able to link your new account to your older privileges. Here are screen shots of the registration process.

I can't seem to get to the registration page.

If you weren’t redirected to the registration page, or cannot access that page, your identity provider may not be releasing the right attributes. We prefer that an Identity Provider release the Research & Scholarship attribute bundle, which would allow you to bypass registration completely. However, only eduPersonPrincipalName (ePPN) is required. You can add your first name, last name, and email address as part of the registration process. You can see which attributes your Identity Provider is releasing by going to this page.

What if I cannot find my organization on the list of Identity Providers?

This means that your organization is not in the InCommon Federation. Your other option is to use Google credentials. When the self-enrollment form asks you to “select your institution,” look for the Google/Cirrus Gateway listing.

I received an invitation to join/register, but the link is expired.

Invitation links expire after 24 hours. The person inviting you will need to do so again.

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