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How do I register? / I'm having problems registering.

Refer to the Registration Guide and other FAQs below.
If you are still having difficulty , please email and include details about how you are trying to register and what issue you are encountering.

I created an Internet2 Guest account, but i'm still being asking me to register an account or i'm having trouble logging in.

The creation of the Internet2 guest account is currently independent of the Collaboration Platform registration process. After you create the account you still need to go through registration as normal.
When using the Internet2 guest account, you will always choose the 'Internet 2 Guest' option on the discovery service (which is available in the drop down menu and as the second link in option 2).

What if I cannot find my home organization on the list of Identity Providers?

This means that your organization is not in the InCommon Federation. You can look up your home organization here to see what its current status is. It will need to have the 'Federation' tag.
You can learn more about joining the InCommon Federation here.

When I log in with my home organization, I immediately receive an error.

Your home organization needs to be configured properly to share information with our systems. You can have your Identity Provider Operators refer to our guide for more information.
If you don't know who your operators are, please contact your local help desk and provide them this information.