Today UMBC runs a small local Grouper implementation.  Like other instutitions we initially struggled with installation, group naming, folder hierarchies, etc.  Then we found the TIER Grouper Deployment Guide and the TIER Folder and Group Design section.  It has helped us come up with a consistent naming system.  We started prior to the publishing of these document so the initial implementation was a lot of trial and error.  Then TIER was released and later we became part of the Campus Success Program (CSP).  

As part of the CSP we began testing the Grouper Docker container.  The first few container deliverables were a work in progress. The latest unified container delivers on the promise of a functioning container that can run Grouper with minimal configuration. No more struggles setting up new servers.  Recently we experienced an issue with a production server. In a matter of a few hours I was able to configure and start a production server.  While somewhat a head of our intended schedule we are now running production containers for the ui-ws and daemon. This is just the start of our journey with containers.  Orchestration and cloud services will hopefully follow, allowing more time to utilize additional Groupers functionality.