Three InCommon Working Group consultations are either in process or planned to open in the next week. 

When a working group drafts a summary and recommendations as a result of its work, the community is invited to comment during a four-week consultation period. It so happens that three working groups have completed their work in a relatively close time frame.

  1. SAML V2.0 Interoperability Deployment Profile V1.0(also known as SAML2int) - The consultation period for this report opened on April 9 and will close next Monday, May 7. Deployment Profile Working Group Chair Keith Wessel provided a high-level summary of the proposed changes in a blog post. The working group report and feedback page are on the wiki.

  2. Streamlining Service Provider Onboarding Working Group - A four-week consultation on this working group's report opens Monday, April 30. This working group'scharter was to identity and document guidelines for service provider onboarding and operation in the InCommon Federation, to reduce variance in configuration and increase interoperability. Relevant documents and a link to the feedback page are on the wiki.

  3. Attributes for Collaboration and Federation Working Group - A four-week consultation on this group's report will open on Monday, May 7. This working group was created to explore the need for standard attribute release policies and some of the existing barriers to adoption. This working group will hold a feedback session at the Internet2 Global Summit on Monday, May 7 at noon.

Please review the information provided by these working groups and provide any comments on the consultation wiki pages.  The Working Group chairs will keep you informed about the progress of these collaborations and provide reminders prior to the closing dates.

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