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The intended purpose of the Subject Tags metadata item is to facilitate searching for and classification of documents in the Trust and Identity repository. While the initial repository platform does not fully enable automation of this functionality, Subject Tags will be maintained in a manner that can be leveraged in the future at such a time that a platform with more support for searching and classification is in place.

The classification of documents is coordinated across the repository by the Repository Librarian. See Subject Tags for the current classifications, and Administering the Tags, below, for how new classifications are added to the vocabulary.

Subject Tags

The current subject tags are defined in the following table. In general, meanings of subject tags should be interpreted broadly; if a document addresses issues related to a subject tag, that tag should be added to the document.

Subject TagMeaning

The document addresses issues of access management, access control, authorization, etc.

assuranceThe document addresses issues of the quality or trustworthiness of identity assertions.

The document is related to the Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI).

charterThe document is related to a charter for a Trust and Identity committee or working group.

The document is related to the Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB).

eduroamThe document is related to the eduroam service.
federationThe document is related to identity federation.
grouperThe document is related to the Grouper system.
incommonThe document is related to InCommon.
federationmetadataThe document is related to federation metadata.
middlewarerescueThe document was among those "rescued" from the old server and other legacy repositories.
policyThe document is related to policy issues.
serviceThe document is related to some service.
stewardThe document is related to the Steward Program.

The document is related to Trusted Identity in Education and Research (TIER).

trustThe document is related to issues of trust.

Administering the Tags

Subject Tags are administered by the Repository Librarian in an incremental fashion. When it appears that there are, or will be, a reasonable number of documents that are related to a common topic, a tag is created for them. What constitutes a "reasonable number" will be subjective, depending on the topic, but would generally be expected to be at least a 3-5.

In order to facilitate migration to potential future repository platforms, the syntax of Subject Tags will be kept simple:

  • Subject Tags will contain only lower-case characters.
  • Subject Tags will contain no white space. When more than one word is required for a subject tag, the words will be concatenated with no spacing.

Please contact the Repository Librarian ( if you see the need for a new Subject Tag.

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