More and more, people outside of the defined CSU member population need access to a limited set of protected campus resources.  Two of our departments, Advancement & the Registrar’s Office, requested the capability to allow former students and donors to use a social identity for authentication into their systems for a variety of reasons.  Student user IDs that allow access to online systems, expire one year after graduation. Past students with expired IDs sometimes need online access to records, transcripts, etc.  Donors may have never had a university ID.  Advancement maintains a system to connect with alumni and donors, which also facilitates giving to the university.

These needs kicked off our team’s goal of implementing COmanage for use as an entity registry with account linking capabilities.  The COmanage registry will supply a unique CSU identifier for internal and external populations, which can be referenced by consuming services.  The vision is for any CSU service using an external authentication to reference a unique university ID for authorization purposes.

At this point, our team at CSU has put an instance of COmanage into production and we plan to populate CSU accounts soon in order to create the registry IDs. We will also look to implement a test Docker version when available.

Grouper is in production and working well.  Our team is evaluating its current structure based on the recently released Grouper deployment guidelines, making sure our structure and the guidelines align properly. The first production LDAP directory, which will support provisioning from Grouper, has been created. We will be bringing up other production nodes and implementing replication in our next steps.

Our team continues to work hard on the development and implementation of these programs and are confident in the process moving forward with no foreseen roadblocks at this point. In the long term, we will be looking to containerize Grouper and COmanage through Docker, as well as review midPoint and how it may fit in at our institution.