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Shibboleth implementation can be done in two phases -- enabling Shibboleth login to access the rewrite proxy, as well as providing access to individual vendors using Shibboleth.

Why should I implement the Shibboleth-enabled Rewrite Proxy

Enabling Shibboleth authentication for the rewrite proxy has a number of immediate advantages

Benefits to users

  • Single password for campus and proxy access
  • No user-side configuration needed - this is a great benefit particularly in lockdown environments

Benefits to librarians

  • Reduced cost of support from user side configuration and lost passwords

Benefit to library administration

  • The rewrite proxy provides a source of central usage statistics ("foot traffic") that can be used independently or in conjunction with vendor-provided usage statistics.

Why should I provide access to Shibboleth-enabled vendors with the Rewrite Proxy?

Taking the first step of enabling Shibboleth for the rewrite proxy solves a number of problems with providing remote access to resources, but accessing individual vendors with Shibboleth provides additional functionality and decreased support and maintenance costs

Benefits to users

  • Single password for campus service and proxy access
  • No user-side configuration needed
  • Integration with personalized vendor functionality - in addition to a single password for remote access, they can use the same password to access their personalized features on the vendor site

Benefits to librarians

  • Reduced cost of support
  • Less IP and proxy maintenance with 80% case - by providing Shibboleth access to high-traffic resources, libraries can route all traffic through the local proxy, reducing the need to maintain large IP lists with the vendor.
  • Permits a gradual rollout of Shib-enabled resources while keeping user experience consistent

Benefits to vendors

  • Authoritative validation
  • Easier breach investigation
  • No maintenance of password information

Benefit to library administration

  • Central usage statistics ("foot traffic") - depending on your data collection and privacy policies, the proxy proivdes a central foot traffic log, as does Shibboleth. In addition, Shibboleth can provide additional data to permit summarizing access information by demographics and attributes.
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