The COmanage UI should be built entirely on the COmanage APIs, switching to a single page application delivery model, rather than continue with the MVC-oriented approach.


  1. Certain parts of COmanage could benefit from "smarter" client page delivery.
    1. Lightbox / edit in place
    2. Enrollment flows (currently several seconds between each step)
    3. Group management
    4. Filtering search results
    5. New notification available
  2. Strict requirement of business logic to be "packaged" correctly behind APIs will result in better code discipline.


  1. A large amount of work for potentially very little gain. There is not a current global problem that needs a global solution.
  2. This will require a fairly substantial shift in developer oriented, since much more work will need to be done in JavaScript.


(error) Rejected
There is not a compelling reason to tie this to the framework upgrade, and doing so will introduce significant extra risk and work. This proposal could be revisited in the future, either across the board or for specific portions of the UI that would benefit.
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