In response to requests from the InCommon community, we are pleased to announce that Comodo has contracted with a new status service to provide the current state of the Comodo Certificate Manager system and accompanying notices of scheduled maintenance.

Status and maintenance alerts are currently posted to the list. To streamline things for Comodo, and to free the InCommon cert-users list of these updates, as of June 1, 2017, Comodo will no longer post system status and maintenance updates to the cert-users list. However, the new email list, maintained by the service, requires a manual opt in. Everyone is encouraged to visit the new Comodo CM status page for updates, and to subscribe to these alerts, which will be generated by the status service and emailed to you.

This will also allow us to return the cert-users list to its original intent to serve as a discussion list for the InCommon Certificate Service subscriber community.

Through June 1, 2017, Comodo will publish status and maintenance alerts through the new status service and also to the cert-users page. After June 1, these alerts will no longer appear here on the cert-users list. Why wait? Head over to Comodo’s page now and sign yourself up for the alerts.  The new service is available now.  You can sign up to the list by clicking the “SUBSCRIBE” button in the top right of the status page.

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