Title: COmanage Registry Technical Manual  
Author: Benn Oshrin Nov 08, 2010
Last Changed by: Ioannis Eythymios Igoumenos Aug 27, 2023
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    Page: COmanage Technical Manual
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    Page: Authentication Events
    Page: Authenticators
    Page: Avoiding Duplicate Enrollments
    Page: CO Email Lists
    Page: CO Groups and Group Memberships
    Page: Collecting NSF Demographics
    Page: Configuring Registry Identifier Assignment
    Page: Configuring Required and Permitted Subattributes
    Page: Configuring the Shibboleth Embedded Discovery Service Plugin
    Page: Configuring the Shibboleth Embedded Discovery Service Plugin (0.9.x)
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COmanage (169)     Page: Regex Identifier Validator Plugin
    Page: Identifier Assignment Plugins
    Page: Default Registry Enrollment
    Page: Visual Compliance Vetter Plugin
    Page: Registry Garbage Collection
    Page: Clusters
    Page: Jira Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Registry Installation
    Page: Cluster Plugins
    Page: Expiration Policies
    Page: LDAP Identifier Validator Plugin
    Page: Group Filter Plugin
    Page: Self Service Permissions
    Page: Organizational Identity Source Plugins
    Page: Understanding Registry People Types
    Page: Registry Installation - Web Server
    Page: Provisioning From Registry
    Page: Registry Job History
    Page: Service Tokens
    Page: CO Groups and Group Memberships
    Page: Registry Installation - Source
    Page: Registry Installation - Large Deployment Considerations
    Page: Registry Installation - Email
    Page: Registry Platform Configuration
    Page: Installing and Enabling Registry Plugins
    Page: Registry Jobs
    Page: Upgrading Registry
    Page: Recovery Dashboard Widget
    Page: Data Filter Plugins
    Page: Novi Source
    Page: Writing Registry Plugins
    Page: ServiceEligibilityEnroller Plugin
    Page: Registry Person Vetting
    Page: InCommon IAP Support
    Page: Publishing Mostly Static Public Content
    Page: Theming COmanage Registry
    Page: COmanage Registry Security Advisories
    Page: Configuring Navigation Links
    Page: Registry Installation - Testing
    Page: netFORUM Source
    Page: DuplicateCheckEnroller Plugin
    Page: NationalityEnroller Plugin
    Page: ORCID Source
    Page: Email Address Verification
    Page: Understanding Registry Deletion
    Page: Understanding Registry Timezones
    Page: Why Can't Org Identity Pooling Be Changed?
    Page: Registry Installation - PHP
    Page: Registry Enrollment (Rev 1, Registry 0.9.3 and earlier)
    Page: REST API v1
    Page: Certificate Authenticator Plugin
    Page: Identity Documents
    Page: Setting Up Your First CO
    Page: Normalizing Data
    Page: File Source
    Page: Organizational Identity Sources
    Page: Registry Terms and Conditions
    Page: CO Person and Person Role Status
    Page: Integrating With ID Match
    Page: COmanage Technical Manual
    Page: Enrollment Flow Plugins
    Page: Namespace Identifier Assigner Plugin
    Page: Avoiding Duplicate Enrollments
    Page: Configuring the Shibboleth Embedded Discovery Service Plugin
    Page: Special Characteristics of the COmanage CO
    Page: Registry Reporting (proposed)
    Page: Consuming External Attributes via Web Server Environment Variables
    Page: LDAP Schema Plugins
    Page: MidPoint Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Registry Permissions
    Page: Configuring Required and Permitted Subattributes
    Page: Registry Data Filters
    Page: Resolving Enrollment Issues
    Page: Normalization Plugins
    Page: Registry ERD
    Page: Authenticators
    Page: Group Name Filter Plugin
    Page: URL Dashboard Widget
    Page: Salesforce Source
    Page: Registry Enrollment Authentication and Authorization
    Page: Authentication Events
    Page: Notifications Dashboard Widget
    Page: Services Widget Plugin
    Page: GitHub Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Core Job Plugin
    Page: Password Authenticator Plugin
    Page: Elector Data Filter Plugin
    Page: Registry Validity Dates
    Page: IdP of Last Resort Enrollment Integration
    Page: Registry Deployment Using Containers
    Page: Searching and Filtering
    Page: Salesforce Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Registry Job Shell
    Page: Deleting Registry Records
    Page: Mailman Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Registry Installation - Cron
    Page: Organizational Identity Pooling
    Page: Understanding Registry Enrollment and Linking
    Page: Registry Pipelines
    Page: Collecting NSF Demographics
    Page: Registry History and Changelogs
    Page: CO Email Lists
    Page: Changelog Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Expectations For Identifiers
    Page: Registry Services
    Page: API Source
    Page: Notification Message Substitutions
    Page: SQL Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Env Source
    Page: LDAP Source
    Page: Enrollment Sources
    Page: API Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Dictionaries
    Page: Registry Installation - Database
    Page: Vetter Plugins
    Page: Job Plugins
    Page: Deleting or Suspending a CO
    Page: Email Message Templates
    Page: MeemEnroller Plugin
    Page: Registry Offboarding
    Page: ORCID Integration
    Page: Manual Linking Operations
    Page: Identifier Validation
    Page: Bulk Initial Data Loading
    Page: Configuring Registry Identifier Assignment
    Page: Identifier Validation Plugins
    Page: QA and Production Tiers
    Page: Registry Data Model
    Page: Provisioner Plugins
    Page: CO Unique Identifier For Applications
    Page: Dashboard Widget Plugins
    Page: Announcements Dashboard Widget
    Page: LDAP Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Dictionary Vetter Plugin
    Page: Dictionary Identifier Validator Plugin
    Page: Representing Organizational Hierarchy Through COUs and Departments
    Page: Sponsor Manager Plugin
    Page: Recommendations For Email Addresses
    Page: Registry Enrollment (Rev 2, Registry 0.9.4 and later)
    Page: Registry Dashboards
    Page: Registry Notifications
    Page: Unix Cluster Plugin
    Page: Registry Interface Localization
    Page: Data Scrubber Filter Plugin
    Page: Registry Installation - Registry Setup Script
    Page: Authenticator Plugins
    Page: Grouper Provisioning Plugin
    Page: IdentifierEnroller Plugin
    Page: Provisioning From Registry (draft model)
    Page: Crowd Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Core API
    Page: Email Address Dashboard Widget
    Page: SQL Source
    Page: Registry Administrators
    Page: Registry Installation - High Availability Considerations
    Page: Understanding Registry Objects
    Page: Registry Enrollment Flow Diagram
    Page: Homedir Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Sponsors and Managers
    Page: IdP of Last Resort
    Page: Invitation Confirmer Plugins
    Page: SSH Key Authenticator Plugin
    Page: Provisioner Job Plugin
    Page: MediaWiki Provisioning Plugin
    Page: Extending the Registry Data Model
    Page: Registry Enrollment Flow Configuration
    Page: Attribute Enumerations
    Page: Identifier Assignment Job Plugin
    Page: Privacy IDEA Authenticator Plugin