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  • The Repository ID of the original document will be listed as a "superseded document" on the superseding document's repository metadata page.
  • The "Deprecated" field of original document's repository metadata page will be "yes."
  • Numbering: When the superseding document is an update to the superseded document, its Repository ID will typically be the Repository ID of the original document after adding 1 to the version number. For example, an update to TI.22.3 would have TI.22.4 for its Repository ID. There are, however, exceptions to this numbering convention.  For example, the superseding document may be completely new, not an update, or there may simply be historical reasons why this was not done,
  • There are additional details for the Doc Repostiory Librarian at 
  • Note that a revisable version of the older document may be available in the Development Location field of its repository metadata page, as well as other material that may help you.