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InCommon Steering and TCIC Joint Meeting

May 16, 2016



Note that this is the first joint meeting between InCommon Steering and the TIER Community Investor Council.

eduGAIN Update (international interfederation)

Background information at


Comment: InCommon is good at making these complicated and powerful tools easily available. People on campuses don’t understand the capabilities we’ve brought them. It is incumbent on all of us to communicate. It would be helpful to craft a few simple bullets to lay out the ongoing benefits of eduGAIN.

Update on Shibboleth Consortium


Steering and TCIC received a briefing on the structure and purpose of the Shibboleth Consortium, which is the independent organization that is responsible for the Shibboleth software. The consortium owns the Shibboleth intellectual property. The key point is that Internet2 does not own Shib, but does have input and has a seat on the board. (More information is at


A key question prior to communicating - what will happen to those not in compliance on July 31? Is the communication “it would be nice if you do this?” Or, “you must do this, or this will happen?” Ann has drafted some thoughts.

“Deep Dive” Summary

“Deep dive” refers to a meeting held in Denver in May 2016 and involving four community members (John O’Keefe, Klara Jelinkova, Ron Kraemer, and Bruce Vincent) plus members of the Internet2 staff (Kevin Morooney, Ann West, Steve Zoppi, Dave Gift,and Ana Hunsinger). The purpose of the meeting was to consider the ever-growing trust and identity portfolio and look at a process for prioritization and identifying the gaps. An overview of the meeting is available.


Thanks to the first release we now better understand the problems in this space and are better positioned to create a longer term, sustainable model for TIER  and InCommon to move forward. We will have a second release by year’s end. This release will be more iterative rather than a “big-bang” style release, and will proactively address the challenges we’ve identified and are now better equipped to anticipate. Shibboleth, which we rely on, is managed by an international Consortium and TIER/InCommon needs to affect changes there. Shib isn’t a side car; it’s key. We will create a group of key leadership members to evaluate and advise on prioritization and long term strategy for TIER and InCommon.

Next Steering Meeting - Monday, June 6, 2016 - 4 pm ET