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This is a complete list of IdPs in InCommon metadata, including IdPs from other federations. The IdP Display Name column in the table is typically shown on discovery interfaces unless the IdP belongs to the Hide From Discovery Category.

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titleFrequently Asked Question

How do I interpret the values in each column of this table?

IdP Display Name. The name in the IdP Display Name column is either mdui:DisplayName or md:OrganizationDisplayName (in that order). If neither mdui:DisplayName nor md:OrganizationDisplayName are available in entity metadata, the word "NONE" will be shown. In that case, the IdP Entity ID will be used on the discovery interface.

Entity ID. This is the entityID XML attribute in entity metadata.

Discovery. The value in the Discovery column depends on whether the IdP is a member of the Hide From Discovery Category. IdPs tagged with the hide-from-discovery entity attribute are typically not shown on discovery interfaces.

Registrar ID. This is the registrationAuthority XML attribute in entity metadata.

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