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For more information about upcoming plans, see the Grouper+Product+Roadmap.

Improvements & Fixes

Member Search and Sort

Additional data is now stored about subjects in Grouper.  This allows you to sort a list of members and search a list of members without having to go to the subject source to query attributes for each subject in the list that you would then use for the sort or search operation.

ldappcng caching (performance)

The SPMLDataConnector supports caching similar to other Shibboleth DataConnectors

Notification improvements

Additional notifications are available now for permissions and the attribute framework.

Many other fixes and improvements were also made to all components of the Grouper Toolkit: Grouper API, Administrative & Lite UIs, Grouper Web Services, Grouper Client, Grouper Shell, Grouper Loader, Ldappc, Ldappc-ng, and the Subject API.

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v2.0 Upgrade Instructions from v1.6.*