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TIER Functional Service Model   Subservice
Repository Components (limited to Person for now) Registry
Credential Management  Service 
Account Management and Linking Service 
Registration and Enrollment Service from SOR Search/Match Entity
 Resolve Entity
 Split Entity
 Merge Entity
 Group Management Service Create Group
  Add Member
  Remove Member
  Is Member OF
  Show me Groups for person
 Privilege Management Service 
 Provisioning /De-Provisioning Consumers Service Person Entity
  Guest Entity
  Group member
Provisioning Connectors 
 Identity Proofing Service Person Entity
 Rules Engine Service Filtering
 Audit - Monitoring Operations Service Transaction History (Human Readable) 
  Point In Time Logs
  Manual History Records (comments)
  Operational  Monitoring
  Usage Monitoring
 Administrative Configuration Service  User Interface (UI)
  Authentication (Authn)
  Authorization  (Authz)
  Institution Terminology (Translations)
 Reporting / Information  Analytics Service Notifications
  Authn Analytics
  Authn Audit  / Compliance
Workflow engine?