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Spreadsheet   from - workgroup Categories from Registry  -  Functional Model DocumentCategories from CIFER
RegistryEntity, entries, identity, IdentifiersRegistry
De-ProvisioningRegistry managed Identifiers 
User Interface ExperienceRegistry matching, reconciliationIdentity Merge - 
Standards EnforcementMerging, Splitting, (resolving) 
Quality of Identity and Identification of   EntityIdentity Information distribution 
InteroperabilityAffiliations, life Cycle   and other relationships (household, job role) LifeCycle, Affilaitions management and events, 
FederationContact Profile InformationCore Profile Info
community DocumentationIdentity Assurance 
Audit, Monitor , Management operationsmanagement Operations / user accessManagement Functions
Research Organization SupportEnterprise Support services Enterprise System 
Person Registry Provisioning  
Person Registry Provisioning/IdP   Attribute Release