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  1.  I merged the common elements wiki into the standards and guidelines page
  2.  I expanded on some sections there
  3.  I implemented more things in the grouper implementation (including membershipType, returning a group member, better logging, etc), more documentation on the group/member wiki page
  4.  There is a configuration-per-client so I can easily make changes to configuration per client without affecting other clients
  5.  I added more usernames to the grouper demo server (same pass as before, usernames: test, test.subject.0, test.subject.1, etc up to 9)
  6.  I added a SCIM setting to the grouper implementation, set it for test.subject.3, you can try it on the demo server
  7.  Deployed latest code to the demo server
  8.  Probably some other things don’t remember (wink) 


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