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Early Thoughts on Cloud Architecture for Higher Education

Beware of overconfidence; especially in matters of structure. – Cass Gilbert

Architecture is a dangerous mixture of power and impotence. - Rem Koolhaas

Never talk to a client about architecture. Talk to him about his children. That is simply good politics. He will not understand what you have to say about architecture most of the time. An architect of ability should be able to tell a client what he wants. Most of the time a client never knows what he wants. – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

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Welcome to the Educause Cloud Computing Constituent Group (CCCG) Cloud Confluence Page hosted by Internet2!   This page is often referred to by the Higher Ed Cloud community as simply, "The Cloud Wiki."

The purpose of this page is to maintain a publicly accessible repository of relevant cloud computing architecture documents, best practices, procedures, and general lessons learned from the higher education IT community.  As part of an initiative with the CCCG, this space will be undergoing a strategic restructuring in early 2020 to better organize the existing content and solicit additional content from the community.  

To access the existing resources, please use the Confluence navigation pane on the left side of the page. 


This page was originally created out of meeting at the University of Chicago during the Summer of 2014. The group of attendees chose six topics for discussion at the meeting, and added a seventh during the discussions:

  • Network Design

  • Security Controls

  • Server Provisioning and Lifecycle

  • Data Protection

  • Separation of Duties

  • Provisioning for courses and teaching

  • HIPAA compliance and treatment of protected health information.