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Table of Contents

Webinar Schedule

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DateTimeTitle and AbstractHow to Connect
Wed., Jan. 13, 20162 pm ET

Policy and Legal Considerations for Interfederation

Why did InCommon change the Participation Agreement and Federation Operating Policies and Practices (FOPP)? How do these changes affect my organization? What are the policy considerations as I consider these changes, and interfederation overall? We'll answer these questions, common questions that have come up in the first 30 days of the notification sent to all organizations, and the questions you bring to the webinar.

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Tue., Dec. 8, 20154 pm ET

IAM Online: The Future of Federation

The InCommon Federation celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and has taken a "birthday snapshot" of InCommon's 800 participants. Reviewing the results in preparation for the next 10 years shows smaller schools and small companies driving growth, a need to "go global," and an interest in incorporating new segments like K-12 schools.

Join us for this IAM Online that will share how the demographics of InCommon have changed and thoughts on serving existing and future participants. Topics will include:

  • Demographics - the changing mix of InCommon participants
  • InCommon Goes Global - how eduGAIN links federations around the world into one big interfederation
  • Incorporating K-12 - working with state research and education networks to broaden federation and trust opportunities
  • Plans for the future - using the data and the reports of recent working groups to plot the course for InCommon and the services and support that we offer.

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Wed, Nov. 18, 20152 pm ET

Technical Implementation of Interfederation

Understand the technical requirements and options for participation in interfederation, and hear recommendations for deciding on your strategy for your identity provider and/or service provider registered in InCommon.

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Mon., Nov. 16, 20152 pm ET

Introduction to Interfederation

What is interfederation? Why is InCommon joining eduGAIN? What are the benefits for my organization? What should I consider as I determine whether to participate? We'll answer these and other questions, and provide an overview of interfederation in the context of InCommon and your organization.

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Overall Communications Schedule

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Nov 2, 2015InCommon Steering approves changes to Participation Agreement (PA)Changes take place in 90 days (Feb. 7, 2016)
Nov. 10, 2015General eduGAIN announcementIT communityBlog on InC web and Internet2 web
Nov 10, 2015Introduction to eduGAIN

InCommon Executives
Participants email list

Overview of eduGAIN
Nov 13, 2015Formal Notice of Participation Agreement changesOriginal signatories to PA
InCommon Executives
Notice of changes to PA and FOPP*
Nov 16, 2015Webinar - Introduction to eduGAINInCommon communityInformation about eduGAIN, InCommon's plans
Nov 16, 2015Notice to Site AdminsSite AdminsNotice on change to FM interface on 11/30
Nov 18, 2015eduGAIN Technical Webinar - 2 pm ETSite AdminsOverview of technical aspects of adopting eduGAIN
Nov 23, 2015Notice to Site AdminsSite AdminsReminder on change to FM interface on 11/30
Nov 30, 2015Notice to Site AdminsSite AdminsNotice of change to FM interface today
Dec 1, 2015Monthly Communication - execsInCommon ExecutivesUpdates on eduGAIN - things you need to know
Dec 8, 2015IAM Online: Federation of the Future - 4 pm ETInCommon Executives
Site Admins
Participants email list
IAM professionals
Jan 6, 2016Notice on metadata import/export plans and datesSite admins
eduGAIN Steering Cmte

Jan 8, 2016Import global metadata into InCommon preview aggregate

No communication - key date
Jan 11, 2016Monthly Communication - execsInC Executives

Jan. 13, 2016eduGAIN Policy Webinar - 2 pm ETInC Executives
Site Admins

Overview of policy aspects of adopting eduGAIN
How InCommon will proceed

Jan 28, 2016Notice on interface change in two weeksSite Admins

Feb 1, 2016Note to eduGAIN Steering Committee on import/export

Feb 1, 2016Monthly Communication - execsInC Executives

Feb 4, 2016Notice on interface change in a weekSite Admins

Feb. 11, 2016Revised PA and FOPP take effect

Feb. 11, 2016Notice on global metadata import/export and FM interface changeSite Admins

Mar 1, 2016Monthly Communication - execsInC Executives

*FOPP = Federation Operating Policies and Practices