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  • Draft Process for the Assignment and Verification of Un-Affiliated IdP Tags

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  • InCommon and the UK Access Management Federation will collaborate to define a process for evaluating and tagging candidate ORSIDs.
  • InCommon and the UK federation will tag at least one ORSID as soon as feasible and assure that it operates for a minimum of two years.
  • The InCommon and UK federations will seek to designate additional IdPs as ORSIDs with the goal of having at least two production ORSID providers in operation at any one time.
  • REFEDS will create a working group to feed the knowledge gained during the InCommon/UK Access Management Federation into, and to draft and finalize a REFEDS-level ORSID entity category
  • eduGAIN will adopt the entity category and require member federations to abide by its terms
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