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Agenda for Jan 30, 2014 will be to discuss the Addendum to the InCommon Participant Agreement for



Assurance Program

Migration of Certified IdP Operators from Version 1.1 to 1.2

Specification Documents

[Identity Assurance Assessment Framework;|^IAAF-V1.2-Feb2013.pdf] Version  Version 1.2 Feb 2013 \ [PDF\][
  • Identity Assurance Profiles;|^IAP-V1.2-Feb2013.pdf] Version  Version 1.2 Feb 2013 \ [PDF\]
  • Alternative Means; Multi-factor Authentication for Silver certification
  • DIFFS with 1.1: Framework and Profiles
  • Deprecated Versions
  • Project Status: Shibboleth Identity Provider Enhancements (Multi-Context Broker)

    The RFP has been awarded for development of Assurance Enhancements for the Shibboleth Identity Provider. For more information and a project status, see Shibboleth Enhancements - Project Status.Alternative Means

    Community Resources


    Technical InterOp

    Community Contributions

    Webinars and Presentations


    InCommon Assurance Community Wiki

    Table of Contents

    Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation

    Baseline Expectations links and information

    Baseline Expectations Foundational Document

    InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) Minutes Publicly Available

    InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) Minutes are publicly available here

    The charter for the InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) is here

    InCommon MFA Interoperability Profile Working Group

    The mission of the working group was to develop and document requirements for creating and implementing an interoperability profile to allow the community to leverage MFA provided by an InCommon Identity Provider by allowing SPs to rely on a standard syntax and semantics regarding MFA. See the working group wiki and the Final Work Products.

    InCommon Silver with Active Directory Domain Services Cookbook for 1.2 Released

    The final version of the InCommon Silver with Active Directory Domain Services Cookbook is available now! For an overview of the important bits, see the May 2014 webinar recording

    Reading Bronze: Understanding the InCommon Profile (recordings available)

    InCommon sponsoring sponsored a community reading of the Bronze InCommon Assurance Profile to aid in the understanding and intent of the requirements. There were four total calls , and all took place during Dec. 2013 and Jan. 2014.  The calls have now concluded. Thanks to all who participated for the excellent comments and questions.

    Recordings are available at this link.

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    Wiki Markup


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    InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Web page

    InCommon Certified Identity Providers

    Board (CTAB) Minutes

    CTAB Charter

    CTAB Nominations for Term Starting 2019

    Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation Web Page

    Federal ICAM Approved Identity Providers

    titleStay Informed

    Add yourself to our assurance email list by sending an email to with this in the subject: subscribe assurance

    Join our monthly Implementers calls scheduled for Noon ET on the first Wednesday of every month. 
    +1-866-411-0013 (toll free US/Canada Only)
    PIN: 0113802#

    titleCall Minutes
    titleCommunity Assurance Call Minutes (these calls were suspended starting in 2018)

    6-Dec-2017 Assurance webinar (Introducing CTAB )

    4-Oct-2017 Assurance Call (Refocusing Community Guidance of InCommon's Trust Programs: Baseline and Bronze)

    7-June-2017 Assurance Call (Baseline Expectations Implementation)

    1-March-2017 Assurance Call (NIST 800-63 / Digital Identity Guidelines

    4-January-2017 Assurance Call (REFEDs Assurance Working Group)

    2-November-2016 Assurance Call (2017 AAC Workplan Discussion)

    5-October-2016 Assurance Call - Baseline Expectations and their Implementation (Slides) and (AdobeConnect)

    3-August-2016 Assurance Call (Baseline Expectations - Last Call for Comments)

    6-July-2016 (webinar on Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation)

    6-July-2016 (comments in Adobe Connect Chat during Assurance Call on Baseline Expectations

    4-May-2016 (webinar on Federated Security Incident Response (SIRTFI) Effort)

    6-April-2016 (webinar on MFA Interop Profile WG)

    3 Feb 2016 (webinar on Insights in Assurance: Developments from Across the Pond)

    4 Nov 2015 (webinar on survey results and baseline practices)

    2 Sept 2015 (webinar on Shib IdP v3 and Duo MFA)

    8 July 2015

    6 May 2015 (flexible vetting)

    1 April 2015 (password reset)

    4 March 2015

    5 Nov 2014
    15 Oct 2014
    4 Sep 2014
    9 Jul 2014
    19 March 2014 (presentation on Multi-Context Broker)
    12 Feb 2014
    4 Dec 2013
    6 Nov 2013
    2 Oct 2013
    4 Sep 2013
    7 Aug 2013
    10 July 2013
    5 June 2013
    8 May 2013
    3 April 2013
    6 March 2013
    13 Feb 2013
    9 Jan 2013
    12 Dec 2012