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Extension Information

An extension for the Shibboleth 2.x IdP has been developed, which implements the IdP side of the profile described here. The extension is implemented as an IdP plugin. General implementation details for IdP plugins may be found here.

Source Access

The source code for the extension is available from the same Subversion repositories as the main Shibboleth code base, as documented on the main Shibboleth 2.x space. The relevant repository name (REPO_NAME) is extensions. The delegation extension code is contained within a sub-project of that repository known as java-idp-delegation. Primary development is currently done on the /trunk. Tags and/or branches will be added as appropriate.

Code Block
titleExample Unix SVN command line client checking out the trunk version of the delegation project
$ cd /tmp
$ svn co java-idp-delegation

Source Build

The extension project build process is based on Maven. Once Maven is installed and configured, building the checked-out source may be accomplished as follows:

Code Block
$ cd /tmp/java-idp-delegation
$ mvn package

The resulting archive versions of the built source will be found in /tmp/java-idp-delegation/target


The delegation extension requires a Shibboleth IdP version 2.1.3 or higher. The IdP should be installed, either from a source or binary build, and configured and working correctly, prior to installing and configuring the delegation extension.

Installation and initial configuration instructions for the delegation extension are found in the doc/INSTALL.txt within the project directory structure. This documentation is also available online within the Subversion repository.